The Master recycling division was established in 2005 and initially focused on a recycling service for media companies. We now recycle all types of plastics and materials and have operations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Media Recycling

We are FACT accredited and have a secure destruction process whereby all products brought into our sites are destroyed under surveillance in secure conditions. All materials which we recycle are then processed to produce new plastic materials which are then supplied to our global customer base. Our CD and DVD materials are reprocessed so that they can again be supplied to replicators allowing them a significant saving on material costs.

We also supply equipment and supplies to the media distribution and manufacturing industry so that they can securely destroy returns and overstocks on their premises. We then take away the waste for recycling. This equipment is supplied at our cost and this is a service which is now being used by the leading companies in the field.

At Master Recycling we can also offer sorting services whereby returns are sorted between perfect and faulty product and we can repack returned goods with damaged packaging. We have shrink wrapping and overwrapping equipment alongside automatic disc packaging equipment on site which ensures goods are repacked to their original state.

Plastic Recycling

We recycle all types of plastic materials which are collected from industry and post consumer sources. We supply pallet bins and Big Bags to clients so that they can fill them with their waste products. These are then collected by our vehicles and recycled in our facilities to produce new materials which are then supplied back to the plastic industry. We can guarantee all our customers an unbeatable service and great pricing for all materials collected.

Metal Recycling

We collect and recycle all types of metals from industry and demolition contractors for recycling. We arrange a full collection service and can offer very competitive prices for materials

Cardboard Recycling

We can arrange to supply companies with baling equipment at our cost and then collect the cardboard bales and pay very competitive prices for this material. The material is then fully recycled to make new cardboard cartons.

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