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The Master Group is a global organization which is involved in a variety of industries. Consisting of media, commodities, recycling, plastics, fashion, real estate and technology. We are involved in the manufacture and supply of media products, the innovation of new media formats, Investment in film, media and the internet, trading of plastics and commodities. We have investments in many different fields on a global basis.

The business was established in 1989 and has continued to grow year on year we now have a presence in Asia, Europe, The Middle East and America. We continue to look for new opportunities to invest in as the global business markets change.

At the Master Group we believe that the future of the media industry is the internet and mobile web. We are therefore committed to investments in this field and have taken strategic investments in leading companies in this field.

We now have established manufacturing tie ups in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA from where we can supply the world with products and commodities. We believe in investing in the production of film and software as this gives us the strength to own our products for our manufacturing and distribution operations. This is a growth area for the group. We are working with a number of strategic partners on a worldwide basis to achieve these aims.

We are also now trading oil products as well as plastics and metals as this is a field in which we have been able to use our global contacts and strengths and we see this as a large part of our business in the coming years.